Divorce Financial Consultation

The separation from your spouse is emotional, but it also has long-term financial consequences.  In our experience, parties going through a dissolution of their marriage have a lot of questions.  You may have questions about the process, your options, and financial issues that may impact you.  While we cannot give legal advice, our many years of experience in litigation and collaboration have given us helpful insight into the process you are facing in the dissolution of your marriage.

We can offer you a private consultation in which you will meet with one of the managing members, who together have over 25 years of experience in the field of dissolution of marriage, and can expect the following:

  • A discrete and professional meeting where you can freely asked questions
  • Information related to financial issues that may arise due to your divorce
  • Information regarding tax consequences for paying or receiving alimony as well as child support
  • Information and potential tax consequences related to the division of assets and liabilities including retirement accounts
  • Advice related to the filing of your tax return and filing status while your divorce is pending and once your divorce is finalized
  • Budget assistance
  • Referral Services as needed (Attorneys, Investment Professionals, Marriage and Family Therapists, Real Estate Appraisers, Mortgage Brokers, etc.)
  • Assistance at mediation and with settlement proposals and conferences